I've had very specific bookkeeping and reconciling questions especially in the initial months and years. These were all answered promptly and I'm very happy with the responses. There is a general bookkeeping FAQ in the Financial policy word doc provided, however, whenever i had question, I have recorded the answer and created my own set of bookkeeping faqs which are specific to me. I often refer to these and I wonder if other clients would benefit from a similar system. I've added these to my financial policy document and converted it to a Google doc. This allows the document to be accessed and updated by both parties. This is just a thought on my specific experience. – Is there anything that you would like to raise or any suggestions for improvement?

Working with Co- has given me the support and confidence I needed to grow my business over the last few years. As the sole business owner, having an objective and experienced partner to reflect with on the challenges and opportunities of growth has been and continues to be invaluable. – Would you be kind enough to write a short review of our service for our website?

  • 9/10 – How well are we doing in dealing your accounts, tax returns, bookkeeping etc in a timely and accurate way?
  • 9/10 – How well are we doing in responding to emails / queries etc?
  • 9/10 – How much of a difference are we making to the success of your business?
  • 9/10 – How likely is it that you would recommend us to someone else?

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